Balance Brisbane

Under 5s Programs for fun and skills

Develop movement, balance and motor skills to set them up for school and beyond.

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Gymnastics, Ninja, Tumbling and Obstacle Racing

At Balance Brisbane we have developed a range of programs to suit people of all ages, from 18 months to over 70.

Balance Under 5s

Gymnastics for ages 18 months to 4 years. Ninja for ages 4+. These programs set the foundation of gymnastics, ninja, and tumbling

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Balance Gymnastics

Inclusive, non-competitive gymnastics with a well-structured, skills focused program for all ages.

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Balance Ninja

A combination of parkour, ninja obstacles and tricking that develops fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance ages 4 to 17.

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Balance Obstacle

For kids who love monkey bars, balancing and leaping, and dream of ninja warrior! Our mix of tricking, parkour and obstacle course training for ages 6+.

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Balance Fit

Develop, or redevelop your strength, flexibility, balance and physical confidence in a flexible, coached session for Seniors aged 55+.

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Balance Tumble

Cartwheels, handsprings and flips to develop acrobatic power, speed, and dynamic movement. Great for dancers too. For ages 6+ with classes split by level

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Age-appropriate movement classes for all

Balance Brisbane offers a wide range of programs for all ages from 18 months to 80+.

Balance Brisbane offers a range of non-competitive gymnastics programs for people of all ages. Find a program for you today.