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Natalie Rutsche
B.Sc (Clinical Sciences) M.H.Sc(Osteopathy)
Grad. Cert Bus. Law
The photo above (left) was taken nearly 30 years ago and after a long break from gymnastics, and a move into healthcare, ultimately the pull of the gym was too strong. Balance Brisbane came about after many years of treating patients with musculoskeletal pain as an Osteopath. My observation was that I could categorise most of my patients as having one of a few primary issues;
  • Balance disorder
  • Lack of Movement
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Lack of Strength
  • Breathing dysfunction
I became frustrated that I was trying to deal with these problems in adults without a gym or facility to be able to refer them to in order to rectify this.
When my children came along and I wanted them to participate in a fun sport, all I found were clubs wanting to have them compete. They just wanted to run around, be upside down, jump, climb things and show off their very cool gymnastics skills at every opportunity.
Combining 10 years of gymnastics training, a coaching career that began 30 years ago, tertiary training in movement and the treatment of pain, and, parenting of three very active children, Balance Brisbane was conceived.
We now have access to an inner city, gymnastics-for-all space.
Bring some fun back into your life, call us for a trial on 0421 398 827
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