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We create a fun learning environment to build strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility

Under 5s Classes:

Mini Monkeys- 18mths- 3yrs- parents join their little monkeys in this class and it teaches the beginnings of gymnastics. Dominant movement patterns is the official language but your climber will be over and under equipment, jumping, hanging and rolling to gain greater balance, strength, co-ordination and body awareness in different positions. The coach will have various guided stations set up each week and the class moves through the gym together.

Juniors- 3-4yr olds - parents are encouraged to engage in this class with their children, listening to the coach's instructions and assisting their child to follow them. As children become more comfortable and closer to 4 years of age, parents are encouraged to step back and foster independence through the class ready to be independent kindy gym participants. Lots of formative stages around spatial awareness occur at this age and improvements in grip strength and confidence in using the apparatus are witnessed.

Kindy - 4-5yr olds - this year before school is full of milestones around movement. Body control improves, listening skills are enhanced and the children are gaining more gymnastics skills with the beginnings of handstands being displayed. Lots of animal walks that promote co-ordinated movements and some impressive rope climbs start to show. Sofas become trampolines and dining room walls become great handstand practice areas at home. A strong focus on safety as these kindy kids feel very confident in their new found skills.

Kindy Ninja - 4-5 yr olds - this 45 min class is filled with obstacles to jump over and under, focuses on safe landings and agility training.

AS A CLUB, WE DON'T COMPETE. There are many Clubs who will take your child through the same skills framework we use and build competitive gymnasts.

We teach gymnastics skills, we develop a love of movement and we build a community of active children.

Make up classes- If you miss a class, you will receive a makeup token, emailed to you, so that you can schedule a makeup class. As long as you are enrolled, you have 6 months to use this token.

Makeups are not financial credits and cannot be used to offset the cost of future classes.

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Adult Gymnastics
Balance Brisbane is all about creating a fun learning environment to enhance physical capacity. Gymnastics equipment is used to build strength, improve balance and co-ordination as well as flexibility and agility. These skills are needed in all sports as well as daily life.
We are not looking to grow the next Olympic gymnast, we are looking to grow active, healthy, balanced and happy people, whether they are 18mths old or 104yrs old, and everything in between.
  • We are a non competitive gym
  • We encourage trying to be better
  • We celebrate effort
  • We promote lifelong activity
Join us at Balance Brisbane. Restore some Balance in your life!
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