Q.My child currently attends another gym, do I have to pay the insurance levy again if I move to Balance Brisbane?

A.We will transfer your insurance and Gymnastics Australia registration details over for you and there is no fee to pay until it comes up for renewal January 1 each year.

Q. What does my child wear to class?

A. Gymnastics is a very active sport so clothes that allow freedom of movement. Leotards and crop top/bike pants are often preferred for girls but tshirts and shorts are fine too. Boys usually wear a tshirt and sports shorts (ie not long ones that restrict knee and leg movement).

Q. I have a couple of children that I ferry around the place to activities. Do I have to stay for the whole class or can I drop my child off?

A. As long as your child is comfortable with you leaving then there is no need to stay. 

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