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Stages Skills Gymnastics Program

Our stages program for gymnastics begin with a mixed gender stage 1, teaching the shapes needed for all gymnastics skills, safe landings, the beginnings of handstands and cartwheels as well as swings on bars, basics of beam, vault, floor, rope climbing, trampoline and parallel bars. The classes then split by gender from stage 2, with a couple of classes still mixed for diversity of options.

Boys' Gymnastics - boys love to move. Gymnastics classes will give them the strength and body control to know where they are in the air and on the ground so they are more co-ordinated, stronger and better able to do any sport they try as well as learning some great gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics gives confidence to their physical learning.

Typically boys who choose gymnastics like structure, are keen to "do things the right way" and like to follow instructions (or they just like the idea of jumping on a trampoline and climbing to the top of a rope!)

Girls' Gymnastics- suited to all girls, the ones who are at the top

of the play fort, always on the monkey bars and trying to do the splits at home, and, the ones who would like to be more active but have not yet got the confidence. Gymnastics builds strength that lasts a lifetime.

Childhood physical conditioning has lifelong impacts on bone density and the ability to feel confident in physical pursuits throughout life.

Core strength assists in improving posture, concentration is enhanced and academic improvement has been shown when gymnastics activities are incorporated into a child's life.

All these things are important when we have our adult head on but

ultimately who wouldn't want to jump on a 10m long trampoline, swing on a bar, run along a beam and learn how to cartwheel and handstand?

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