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Balance Ninja Competition Series

2023 Season has finished- watch out for news on our next season in 2024

We are very excited to announce that we are holding the second season of our ‘Balance Ninja Competition Series’ and we want to see all of our ninja stars have a go! This immersive obstacle course that will take our Ninja’s through the entirety of our Ninja gym where to win, you’ll have to be the fastest to make it through the entire course without falling. 


Each comp has different obstacles, held at our Balance Brisbane Ninja Gym: 


Filled with exciting challenges waiting to be discovered, whether this is your first competition or you're an experienced ninja, this course will put your speed and skills to the test.

Competition Timetable

Martialing for groups begins 20min prior to each competition

Comp starts at:

 2:00pm-3:30pm Juniors 

 3:30pm-5:00pm Club 

 5:00pm-6:30pm Rep 


Please see the ‘Skill Guide’ below for our three divisions as well as the Course Rules  to ensure your Ninjas are well prepared to take on the course. All competitors will receive a video walk through of the course 1 week prior to each competition.  Bookings will close 7 days prior to each competition to allow for draws to be finalised. Bookings can be made via

Alternatively feel free to get in contact with the Balance Brisbane team via or 0421398827 to secure your spot in the competition.






















Course Rules

1: Floor is lava.

  • If you touch, brush, land or fall on to the floor or an out of bounds object or mat. This time will be recorded as where you fell and what time you fell at. You will then be allowed to complete the course and your time will continue for your own interest. 

2: Ask it or risk it. 

  • We will be describing the course in regard to what can and cannot be used as a part of the obstacles. If you have any questions as to what can or cannot be used, ask first.  If you don’t you may risk being disqualified at that point and your time will be taken there. 

3: No using the grey support poles on the rig unless specified otherwise.

4: One way only! 

  • You can’t go back to the starting point of an obstacle, once you've made your attempt you must continue. 

5: Once you are on  the Salmon Ladder, you cannot come off.

6: Blocks can be unstable! 

  • Be sure to land on them correctly, if you tip or flip them and fall it's still a fall, and will be counted as one. 


Come and join us for the first event of our first Balance Ninja Competition series. We hope to see you there! 

Bookings can be for a single competition or as many as you would like to attempt. Book here

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