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Ninja Obstacle Classes

Ninja obstacle classes are aimed at developing the strength and speed needed for obstacle races. Obstacle racing has recently been announced to be the 5th discipline in the Modern Pentathlon for the Olympics from 2028 onward.

These classes have two grades:

Junior- usually suitable for ages 6-11 years

Club- usually suitable for ages 11+

During these classes you will get to learn a combination of upper body hanging and swinging skills with a variety of obstacles to make traversing the purpose built rig a different challenge each week. In combination with upper body strength, this class will also teach the elements of parkour needed to get "over and under" obstacles with efficiency and speed.

These classes prepare children for obstacle races, if they wish to partake in competitions. There is no obligation to compete.

Classes are:  

Junior - Fridays 4.45-5.45pm

Club- Thursday 4.45-5.45pm

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