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Club Owner - Natalie Rutsche
Natalie began coaching 30 years ago at Castle Hill RSL after a 10 year gymnastics career. She then worked at a variety of Clubs in NSW and Victoria during University years where she studied health sciences.
As many ex gymnasts would know, once gymnastics is in your blood, it doesn't let go. The pull of the gym and seeing her children enjoy gymnastics so much resulted in a rethink of her own work and made way for the opening of Balance Brisbane in 2017.

Teacher, Coach and Accounts - Neal McLennan

Neal began his coaching career teaching sailing and rock climbing in the early 1990s and discovered a love of teaching children. He then qualified as a middle school teacher in England before moving to Australia in 2001. A 20 year teaching career has paved the path for Neal to become our coach-child engagement educator.
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